Harmonized Site Licence and FSRN Application form

The web-based harmonized site licence and foreign site reference number (FSRN) application form (web SLA) is designed to be completed online and saved on the applicant's workstation.

In order to complete the form, you must have a company code (a 5-digit number). If you do not already have a company code, email the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) at nnhpd-dpsnso@hc-sc.gc.ca and put in the subject line "Request for a company code". In the body of your email, include the company information that you will be using to complete your site licence application form (Web SLA), including company name, address, contact information and name of the senior official.

The most current version of the web SLA must be used for all site licence and FSRN submissions. Upon completion of the web SLA, submit the saved .html file to the NNHPD electronically as part of a complete submission package (for more information, consult the Guidance Document on How to Interact with the NNHPD Electronically and Site Licencing Guidance Document).

Updated Web SLA:

The web SLA update on March 07, 2024 (version 3.3) includes the following changes:

  • Reworking of the loading options for the webSLA to simplify the entry of site and product information;
  • Correction of an issue where Notifications could not be completed without a site listed in the Site Information section;
  • Correction of an issue where evidence was requested for foreign warehouses;
  • Reworking of the Product Information section to clarify the supply chain sub-section and add options for contract labellers completing this section;
  • Correction of an issue where, in some cases, a validation error was incorrectly triggering;
  • Addition of a Notes to Reviewer field in the Attestation section;
  • Clarification regarding the one-time exemption for not performing activities added to the Guide.
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