Harmonized Site Licence and FSRN Application form

The web-based harmonized site licence and foreign site reference number (FSRN) application form (web SLA) is designed to be completed online and saved on the applicant's workstation.

Before you use the form, Health Canada must assign a company code (a number) for your company. If you do not already have a company code, email us at hc.nnhpd-dpsnso.sc@canada.ca and put in the subject line "Request for a company code". In the body of your email, include the company information that you will be using to complete your site licence application form (Web SLA), including company name, address, contact information and senior official.

This is the first version of the web SLA and replaces the PDF and Word versions of the Site Licence Application form and Foreign Site Reference Number (FSRN) Application form.

The most current version of the web SLA should be used for all site licence and FSRN submissions moving forward.

Upon completion of the web SLA, submit the saved .html file to the NNHPD electronically as part of a complete submission package (with appropriate supporting evidence).

Version: 1.0.0
Date modified: